Should LeBron Bear More Responsibility for Love and Kyrie "Fitting In?"

Should LeBron Bear More Responsibility for Love and Kyrie "Fitting In?"

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Should LeBron Bear More Responsibility for Love and Kyrie "Fitting In?"


On Monday, Stephen A. Smith relayed the idea that Kyrie Irving is unhappy in Cleveland, where he has to abide by the edicts — overt or passive aggressive — of LeBron, who rules the kingdom. We’ve heard similar things about Kevin Love over the years.

The timing was ripe to bring Anthony Lima, who’s a sports talk radio host on Cleveland’s 92.3 The Fan from 6-10 am on weekdays and the sports anchor at Cleveland 19, to discuss all things Cavs. Do they have a prayer at beating the Warriors as presently assembled? Has there been a downgrade from David Blatt to Ty Lue? Why do Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love get blamed for not fitting in, and never LeBron? These are issues that the stars in Golden State and San Antonio do not have.

Last June, we talked with Lima about Cleveland sports and his career journey.

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